Academic Program

APS students come from over 130 different countries and speak over 160 different languages. ECHS celebrates this diversity. We will serve families in Aurora by building upon the cultural wealth of its neighborhoods. Our Educational Program offers democratic education that is grounded in reality, community and a multicultural curriculum. When all decisions are made for students, they are rendered powerless. In authoritarian learning environments, students are made passive, and active learning is compromised. Our school allows students the space to empower themselves as authors of their own learning. All learners are motivated by a desire to achieve, and we are convinced that a student-led education unleashes this innate desire to excel. There is nothing wrong with our students, it’s the systems that need to change.

Empower Community High School offers an extended day (8:00AM-3:20PM). With only 120 students per grade, we are able to create an inclusive and safe school environment.

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  • Goal-setting and reflection

  • Trusted staff advisor & same family group all 4 years of high school

  • Social Emotional Learning & Development

  • Family groups meet 2-3 times/month


  • Core Content classes grounded in a academically-demanding multicultural curriculum

  • Math

  • Ethnic Studies - ELA

  • Ethnic Studies - Social Studies

  • Science

  • World Languages (French, Spanish, & Mandarin)

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  • Students lead projects that impact the community


  • Targeted interventions to get students caught up who are not on grade level with fundamental skills

  • Acceleration for gifted & talented students


  • 2 hours on Wednesday afternoons where students are placed in electives with community partners

  • Make A Chess Move, Youth Empowerment Broadcasting Organization, Young Aspiring Americans for Social & Political Activism, Music & Arts!

Talks at Empower

Guest Speaker Series - Once a month, we invite local leaders to inspire our student body and faculty through a talk followed by a Q & A.

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